Youtube Sponsorship

Airsoft Youtube Channels Sponsorship Program

Are you looking for somebody to sponsor your Youtube channel about airsoft? If so, read on.

Raptors Airsoft will sponsor any Youtube channel that has over 500 subscribers. The benefits you will receive are listed below.

  • Huge discounts on all of our products
  • Free products

  • Requirements:
  • Send us a link to your Youtube channel about airsoft that has over 500 subscribers
  • Mention your being sponsored by us in your channel description (include our URL and some brands we carry).
  • Do at least one video of a product we sell or an announcement of your sponsorship

The primary benefit of being sponsored by us is the discount you will receive on the variety of products we sell. You no longer will have to pay retail price for upgrades, accessories, and magazines.

At our own discretion, we may send free products to those who promise to do a product review/announcement.

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